Zeppelin IT Top Tech of 2017 -18

2017/18 promises to be a very good year for tech geeks especially those that enjoy personal tech. Many websites have their own range of tech that they wish to promote as being the top tech that you simply must have & Zeppelin IT are no different. However, you will find that a lot of the tech that we have chosen as being the top tech that you simply won’t be able to do without this year are only available in limited quantity in certain parts of the globe and can be quite hard to get a hold of. Forward2Me (a company specialising in being able to get you exclusive products for you right here in the UK and sent them to you no matter the area of the world that you live in) & Amazon share much of the list that we have compiled as our teams must have persona tech for 2017/18. Our top tech is as follows:

  • Apple iPhone – As mentioned by Janet Grundy of Forward2Me the Apple iPhone is one the must have phones of the year. With the latest model the iPhone 7 being released in both normal as well as S sizes (we assume S means Supersized). The new iPhone 7 has shown a vast array of improvements to the phone itself over previous models many of them being physical changes in the phone as well as those physical changes we also see changes that unless you were either told about them you wouldn’t realise they were there. That is unless you are a little bit like myself and feel the need to take everything apart and try and put it back together again.
  • Apple iPhone RED – As with every other iPhone 7 you will find that the device setup is exactly the same as a regular iPhone 7. However, what you will find is that this one comes in a striking red colour. This is in support of the world HIV/AIDS charity that is helping to reduce the number of AIDS victims around the world. Because of this huge task that this phone is undertaking we feel that is deserves a space in our top 10 personal tech even if it is just another iPhone 7 with a different coloured skin.
  • Apple iPad – Practically every member of the Zeppelin IT team have raved about the new Apple iPad (even the MS Office team). Offering very similar spec to its bigger brothers the new iPad 9.7 is one of the smaller tablets in the iPad family. However, this new tablet has made its way into our top 10 tech of the year because of its generous spec and its price. Priced at around £339 this is the cheapest iPad yet, yet it offers all the functionality of its bigger brothers – does this mean that we are going to see prices of Apple products falling in future but still offering the same quality?
  • Google Pixel Phone – Making use of the Google Apps, Google Docs and other Google software this is truly a phone that is a cloud based phone (all of the service that is uses are stored on Google servers and not on the product). With a 5inch full HD screen and a 12.3 MP camera you are guaranteed to take truly stunning photos that capture the moment just how you see it for years to come. With this phone you can say goodbye those annoying memory full notifications too as this is a phone that uses Google Photos to store your pictures giving you unlimited memory.
  • Samsung VR – With more and more headsets going on sale over the past 12 months VR has really started to grow as a thing to have. Offering the ability to work with the Samsung Galaxy range of phones VR can offer a truly immersive gaming experience bringing those holosuites that we have all seen in star trek just that little bit closer than we ever dreamt would be possible when as nerdy kids we sat down to watch Spock and Kirk do battle out in the cosmos.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro – At the time of wring this console could be found on Amazon for as little as £239.99 an absolute steal when you think just what this console has to offer over any of its older siblings and certainly what it has to offer against its competitors such as Microsoft’s Xbox range of products. With a smaller footprint than any other PlayStation that has gone before it this is an ideal device set up for those that are limited for space such as in a caravan but at the same time it packs all the punch of the much large original PS4. Offering a larger hard drive than previous PS4 it is ideal for those that are serious about their gaming and want to be able to have all their games stored on the one HDD without worry of using all the space available. The only downside that we could figure to the new PS4 Pro was that it doesn’t have an optical cable port. Whilst not something that was critical to us it may be something that might just put you off having a PS4 particularly if you are looking for that truly immersive sound from the Dolby 5.1 & 7.1 surround sound kits that use an optical line in to be able to help provide this. For us we are split in two camps about this it is something you would have to consider.
  • Amazon Echo Dot (“Alexa”) – Alexa the PA that every household needs or even every office for that matter. Connecting to Bluetooth speakers as well as speakers that have a 3.5mm jack plug you can be sure that you will have no issues integrating Alexa to your home exactly as you have it now. Alexa also has the ability to communicate with Hive, Spotify, Amazon Music, & many more services making it very versatile in its work. Not only does Alexa have 7 microphones to help it hear you in difficult situations such as the other side of the room but it is always making its self-smarter via the amazon cloud network it is always learning new skills and features making practically the only PA you may ever need again.


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