Why do we always go back to what’s familiar?

was going to be in the TV that night. This got me thinking why do we go back to what’s familiar and why do we not like change? The most basic argument that is presented as to why we go back to what is familiar is that we know what it is and we know how it’s going to react. This got me thinking about what is familiar on the internet that we use every day and how does familiarity affect these tools that we use?

Yahoo Search Engine 1998The main tool that we use on the internet are search engines, the choice of search engine that is marketed for depends on your personal preference of search engine. Most searches conducted by the general public tend to happen using the search engine Google, hence the phrase “Google it”. People use Google because the interface hasn’t really changed over the course of the product/ businesses lifetime unlike its competitors that still think machine gunning their homepage with information is the way to go. I mean I looked on the Yahoo.com search engine page this morning just as I’m writing this article and found that the homepage there has more information on it than the yellow pages that I left on the coffee table at home. Looking at Google.com the equivalent homepage I found that the layout is much more familiar with just a plain page where you tell it (the search engine what it is that you are looking for) and it runs off and finds the results of your search and displays them on the results pages or SERP’s.

Back in the 90’s or the dotcom bubble as it is now known by many tech experts and entrepreneurs the search engines had loads of information contained on their homepages. Most of this was latest news and sports that was happening at the time. In that era web development companies followed a similar pattern with their websites they went for trying to show all the information at the same time. As the dotcom bubble started to age and collapse the shift and style of web development moved towards having a clean and clear front page with information shown on other pages a little like a catalogue of products that could be offered. This model became familiar and as a result more people chose to use Google with its now familiar layout. Google Homepage 1998At the time this change was seen as drastic for the reason that it seemed risky and people hate risk as a genetic and built in response to our environment over the millennia.

Going back to the familiar is nice if you want to keep getting the same results and the same customers. However, changing your marketing strategy and doing something a bit riskier can pay dividends as well as attract those new customers that could have previously been out of reach because your brand wasn’t shown in the right places to these people and as a result wasn’t pushing the right buttons. If you want to attract those riskier customers and change you web development strategy or even change how you are shown in searches you need to talk to Zeppelin. We have the right package for you and your web development and search engine marketing needs.

Below Left: Yahoo Search Engine 2017 Below Right: Google Search Engine 2017

Yahoo Search Engine 2017

Google Search Engine 2017

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